How to Maintain Your Website

Due to the way the web is evolving – websites need maintenance. It’s an essential part of owning a website and ensures your site is always backed up, prevented from being hacked and works properly for your website visitors.

While the article makes reference to WordPress, these techniques can be used for other CMS’s and websites in general.

Use a Secure Web Host

Your first line of defence is your website hosting and in this realm you get what you pay for. When choosing a host be sure to look for: technical support; hosting features; compatibility with your website software; and reviews from customers (be careful they aren’t just affiliates!).

Recommended web host: We recommend NewSprout for Australian website hosting. Not only do they have secure servers but their support is nothing short of spectacular.

Make Regular Backups

How much would you lose if your website wasn’t online for a week? A month? What if it had to be re-built? Backups don’t take long to set up and online storage is as cheap as chips these days so get someone to set up your backups, ensure they are working and have the peace of mind that your website data is safe and can be restored in a worse-case scenario. Webdesign Tuts have a great article on website backups that includes different options to choose from as well as software to help you get the job done.

Recommended backup solution: We use BackupBuddy for all the WordPress sites that we maintain.


No one is safe from being hacked (even Google and Facebook) and if you are using cheap web hosting then there’s even higher chance that your website will fall victim to an attack. The good news is that a lot of the important security steps can be automated using software to reduce the maintenance time you need to spend on your site.

Recommended website security: Secure passwords with Lastpass; Ensure you have a good host; Keep your site backed up; Protect your site with Securi Security. For less than $100/year per site, Securi offer an incredible service and they will even fix a hacked site for you.

Update Software

Anything that exists on the internet is prone to being hacked – even images! Ever wonder why Windows, Mac and your phone’s apps always need updates? It’s not just featured adding – it’s security patching and bug fixing. Your website is no different. If you are using software like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, not only to updates fix security issues but they also bring great new features to your site – for free!

Recommended website software updating: Check what has changed in the software you are updating by viewing the changelog; Backup your site; Update your software; Check to make sure everything is working properly.

Monitor for Errors

Recommended error monitoring: sign up for Google Webmaster tools and add your site

Outsource Website Maintenance

While website maintenance is not quite as daunting a task as it may seem, it does require ongoing time to perform and this may be something you simply don’t have. Renegade Empire offers several website maintenance & support plans where we take care of these essential tasks for you on an ongoing basis with no lock-in contract.

Get in touch with us if you’d like to learn more about our maintenance & support plans.


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