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Is Your Website Ready for Google’s Mobile Search Update?

Google regularly rolls out new updates and tweaks to improve the relevancy of the search results displayed to users. This is nothing new and these changes affect the results and web marketing strategies of website owners and SEO experts alike so they can keep their sites ahead of the competition, according to a recent post on…

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5 Ways To Increase Your Email List Today

The current online marketing trend is focused highly on social media, but research shows that good old-fashioned email is still far more effective than social platforms in attracting customers to your business online. For online marketers, social can be much more attractive for the quick win as it’s simple to just pay for a slice of the…

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Top 5 Hilarious Valentine’s Card Designers

Ahhh Valentine’s Day…. Some people are all for the sentiment of a day dedicated to showering their significant other with affection and roses. Some others, like us, enjoy dulling the consumerism and overall corniness with some laughs at the expense of, well everyone. So here are our top 5 designers of hilariously unconventional Valentine’s day…

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