Fixing Errors When Removing Content

There are many situations where you may need to remove content from your website. This is common with catalogue or e-commerce sites where you are no longer selling a particular type of product or product type. This is fine and in the real world it happens all the time, but to delete this content completely from a website creates a void where this content used to be and will show errors to your visitors instead. This isn’t good for you visitors and isn’t good for your search results.

How to Maintain Your Website

Due to the way the web is evolving – websites need maintenance. It’s an essential part of owning a website and ensures your site is always backed up, prevented from being hacked and works properly for your website visitors.

6 Ways To Promote Your Website

You’ve launched your new website, it looks fantastic and is optimised for conversions – what can you do now to increase traffic and generate leads?

Upcoming WordCamp Melbourne

I’m not usually one to go to Meetups or conferences around web design/development but I am excited to be attending WordCamp  Melbourne next week. Since the start of this year Renegade Empire has been whole-heartedly embracing WordPress as our CMS of choice and we’ve been working to fine tune our processes to incorporate best practices and tools to build amazing websites. It will be great to see how our systems compare with those others are using and I look forward to learning more at WordCamp Melbourne! Unless they are offering... Read The Rest →

Get your client’s browser information with FindmebyIP

I stumbled across this web app from web development agancey Deep Blue Sky a few weeks ago and only had a chance to use it last week but I’m more than impressed. Get straight to it – Aside from the site’s slick interface and detailed statistics, fmbip let’s you create an account for free and send your client’s a custom URL to visit (such as where this details information is obtained. You can then visit your account after your client has visited the URL and view information regarding their environment such... Read The Rest →

jQuery not working in IE7

While testing the cross-browser compatibility of one of my recent WordPress themes, I noticed that none of my jQuery functions were working in IE7. This disabled my menu effects, Apple-like new ticker and this nice looking gallery I’d set up as a custom WordPress post. Nothing worked at all. Luckily the solution was simple for me and I found that solution after much search, on this website It turned out that all that needed to happen as to remove an extra comma from my jQuery code. While the other browsers just... Read The Rest →

Red Bull Wreckers Yard Graffiti Comp – Melbourne

I’m a huge fan of graff and a huge fan of everything Red Bull is involved in, so when the Red Bull Wreckers Yard was on in Melbourne at 1000 Pound Bend I had my tourist quality digital camera ready and snapped up some flicks for those who missed it. [nggallery id=1] Congrats to all the artists for still getting involved in these comps, it’s good to see some real talent and legitimate artists still roaming through the streets of Melburn.

Google Chrome Extension wants access to all data on your computer

One of the latest extensions I’ve added to my web dev tools in Google Chrome is XML tree which is in the recommended extensions for web developers section of the Google Chrome extensions gallery. Today, it received an update from the author which, once updated, shows the dialogue box to the left, asking you to authorise access to “All data on your computer and the websites you visit”. The author says this about the permission increase: “In order to allow cross-origin XMLHttpRequests for the pulling back XML and XSL in... Read The Rest →

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